Photo FAQ's

We can print almost any photo / image on your cake.

The higher the quality of the photo you provide the better the finished image on the icing will be. 

The size of the photo you send is not really important, however, the picture quality will be affected if a small photo needs to be enlarged.

We will need to reduce or enlarge your image to fit the cake and it will be cropped to a circle, square or rectangle depending on the type of cake you choose.

In order that you get the best possible picture on your cake, you should leave plenty of room around the subjects, so that when it is edited, you don’t lose any of the image.

Below are some examples:-

A picture like this is best, with plenty of background, when its cropped to a circle for cupcakes or cookies, none of the image is lost, only the background.  This photo will also work well on a square cake.


                                       Picture 1                           Picture 1 Cropped

In this photo, the subject takes up most of the picture, there is very little background and when cropped to a circle some of the image is lost.  Therefore this photo is not so good for cupcakes and cookies, but would be OK on a square cake.

                photo_faq2.jpg  photo_faq2_a.jpg

                                 Picture 2                           Picture 2 Cropped

Rectangular photos are enlarged or reduced proportionally.  We cannot make this picture wider without increasing the length.  On a square cake, this may fill the length of the cake but not the width.  When cropped to fit a circle for a cupcake or cookie, as the width has to be increased, the length increases, therefore most of the body does not fit, although it still makes a nice cake image!

                      Photo_faq3.jpg    photo_faq3a.jpg

                                   Picture 3                                Picture 3 Cropped

If you send us a photo like the one below, where an important part of the image would be lost if it was cropped to a circle, then we will place your image as it is and will look as follows:-

                      photo_faq4.jpg  photo_faq4a.png

                                   Picture 4                               Picture 4 Cropped


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